Java Jobs through Oracle Certified Java Professional at Pathiripala, Palakkad, Kerala, India

A “very difficult to earn” certification in Java can do wonders to your employability quotient. OCJP is one of the most highly recognized java IT credentials in the industry. it makes a world of difference to the “Goose” and the “Golden Eggs”.
What difference does it make to you and to your earning potential?
From our experience with Java developer community in Kerala, we know that on average Certified individuals usually earn more money than their non-certified peers. Depending on the certification level the earning potential also increases.  The following certifications are much sought after and are arranged in the order of increased earning potential:
Especially for FreshersEntry LevelJunior Java DevelopersJunior Java Programmers looking for a new job in Kerala, a Java certification is a branding that can make a big difference. it can help you stand out from non-certified candidates. Human Resource Managers / IT Project managers find it a reliable measure to validate your skills and expertise. Many MNCs only recruit candidates with Oracle Java Certification. Please check our internship program to find out how can help you achieve this.
As a first step in the path to Mastery, Oracle Java Certification is highly valued and a prerequisite for next level certifications. From associate level to Master Level there are certifications matching the years of experience, job roles, and functions.
The R&D involved in the preparation of the certification can guarantee to make you a better programmer/developer. The depth of knowledge you have to fathom can make a big difference.
We at offer networking opportunities for OCJP candidates through user groups, discussions, project work, workshops, boot camps, classes, online forums etc
Internally, since all our employees at at Palakkad, Kerala, India are Oracle Java Certified Professionals, it has been easier for us to win contracts, win new clients and increase our business. Certification backing up the experience of our employees is an absolute win-win. These certified developers at our office offer top tier performance. it is the same for other companies recruiting certified professionals.
A certification is an absolute show off. it helps brand your technical expertise to your clients, HR managers, Project Managers,  co-workers, friends, and family.
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Java Jobs and Employability Gap

When it comes to java jobs – entry level – like: Java Developer JobsJava Programmer jobsRemote Java JobsPart Time Java JobsJava Freelance JobsOnline Java Jobs, Core Java developer jobsJunior Java Developer jobsJobs for one year experienced in JavaJava developer contract jobsentry level java developer jobs,  Java Developer Entry Level JobsEntry Level programmer jobs…this list continues.  You will be amazed by the number of openings that are available in the industry and how many of the “entry level graduates” qualify to fill it. Over 80% of engineers in India still unemployable: Survey ( National employability report by Aspiring Minds). What is missing? What can we do to improve the employability of these engineers? Check our Internship program – click here, we will help you to become part of the employable 20%!
As part of Software Development Internship, you get to work on various projects based on  JavaJ2EESpringHibernateJSFStrutsPortalCloudMobile Development, at Pathiripala, Palakkad, Kerala. The experience you gain while getting exposed to the complete technology stack which includes: JavaJ2EESpringHibernateJSFStrutsPortalCloudMobile Development etc, to name a few, would be your core strength. Apart from this, we strongly believe in the inner engineering of our junior staff to transform them into next generation leaders, who are not just limiting themselves to working in various projects for MNCs but also driven and motivated to run successful start-ups too.