Social Entrepreneurial Venture

The Team

Most of the young generation today are running behind white collar jobs, migrating to the nearby towns and cities, leaving their lineage and traditional craftsmanship they have acquired, because there is no respect, there are no returns and there is no future. After completing a full circle, we have come to realize what we are plundering and the devastating effects it can have.

At Greenweaved,  influenced by our village “Gandhi Seva Sadan” and also the Great Gandhian, Freedom Fighter and Visionary Sri  Sadanam K Kumaran, we figured our “TRUE CALLING”, “THE BIGGER CAUSE” –  LET US JOIN HANDS TOGETHER TO WEAVE A BETTER AND GREENER WORLD – Starting at the bottom of the pyramid, starting from the villages.

Do We Deserve To Be Treated Like This?

About Us

We, at GreenWeaved, believe that making the world a better place to live in is everyone’s duty. Everyones’ contribution is vital. Through ‘GreenWeaved’ we offer a platform to contribute, to help build a greener world, by starting small, in the villages, addressing the “fortune at the bottom of the pyramid”, spiralling and scaling-up continuously influencing the whole world.

Transforming  Us and the New Generation Youth through Green, Nation Building Initiatives, beginning from the roots – The Villages.

We belong to Gandhi Seva Sadan, a village founded by Sri Sadanam K Kumaran, whose work was a great influence  in our life. The village is located in Palakkad, Kerala. We are a group of youngsters who have figured out how to lead a purposeful life.  The outcome is – a project :

– To weave a greener world together –

we envisage to realise through this Crowdfunding Campaign. would be an e-commerce portal which would power our Social Entrepreneurial Venture. By selling, Green, Eco-Friendly, handcrafted products through this portal, we want to :

  • Bring back the Green Spirit.
  • Bring back the Organic Farming Culture.
  • Bring back the Beautiful Villages and Greenery.
  • Stop the migration of Villagers from Farms to White Collar Jobs in Towns and Cities.
  • Bring back the lost lustre of Farmers, Traditional Artisans – the weavers, potters, jewellers, carpenters, sculptures, by selling theirs products; uplifting their lowly lives

The profits from the portal would be utilised to further fund, green, eco-friendly projects that can bring a positive impact on the forest cover, waste management, pollution and organic products and even more importantly taking great care of the FORTUNE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PYRAMID.


The proceeds of the crowdfunding campaign would be utilised to set up the


An e-commerce site, buying traditional handcrafted and organic products from local farmers,  weavers, potters, jewellers, carpenters, sculptures and would help us build a sustainable source of livelihood leveraging technology to bring “fortune” to the “Fortune At The Bottom Of The Pyramid”. Beginning with our village, we plan to spiral and grow to other villages.


We would promote the traditional handcrafted and organic products from local farmers, weavers, potters, jewellers, carpenters, sculptures through our platform. Through this portal, the creativity of these local artisans and organic food products, which so far has been hidden to the outside world would be showcased. Online shoppers would get to experience an innovative line of products so far not known or seen by them. True value for the fruits of the labour, of these artisans and farmers, would be secured for them, by protecting them from the exploitation of middlemen. EVERYONE IN THE SOCIETY SHOULD GET THEIR DUE RESPECT AND VALUE FOR WHAT THEY DO: We have figured out that there are inhibitions and neglect based on various things for people. We aim to promote, support and show the world that they are the ones who deserve respect and value.



The profits from the portal would be utilised to further promote the following social projects:


As a Social Entrepreneurial Venture, our belief in making the world a better place to live in is imperative. As a part of this venture, we are finding solutions to real life problems. Deforestation is a major issue and we believe solving this would be an end for many issues like climate change, flooding, increase in greenhouse gases & desertification. We plan to plant a tree or maintain vegetable / fruit gardens for each purchase made through Green Weaved website which will add to the fulfilment of our social responsibility. An online monitoring system would be in place for the owner to monitor the growth of the tree or the vegetable / fruit gardens those are maintained, which he/she has funded us to plant.

Planting Trees whose growth can be monitored online

Vegetable and Fruit Gardens which can be monitored online


As of today, we are facing many epidemics in villages like ours because of not having a proper waste management system, lack of proper sanitation and toilets  in places around us. We look forward to attending to this issue. By way of getting to the “Fortune at the bottom of the pyramid” to participate in finding and implementing these solutions, we would be the vehicle to bring the fortune to the “fortune at the bottom of the pyramid”.


Majority of youngsters from our villages flock to take up white collar in the cities. There is no respect and value for their traditional craftsmanship. Their survival is at risk. Our journey towards weaving our world to become a better place includes helping and supporting people who have effective and efficient ideas to solve the problems of our Mother Earth. We plan to get young college goers, traditional handicraftsmen  to participate and get mentored by us. They would be nurtured through various social projects cited above to develop them into transformative servant leaders.


Our belief is that learning from real life problems is significant since everyone could learn about the world in depth and contribute their IDEAS to make it a better place.

Risks and challenges :

In today’s world marked by technological advances, people at all levels are more skewed towards technology.  People, Environment and Relationships do not matter anymore. This has resulted in total neglect of our mother nature. With this initiative of green weaved, we are addressing the major challenge of propagating and helping our generation internalise our ideas and values to all strata of our society. Generating Green Awareness is a challenge among a society which is passive. Motivating people from youth to elders and generating funds to move ahead and sustain is another challenge associated with this campaign. There is a risk factor of people NOT allocating the right amount of time from their busy schedule and maintaining the optimum level of motivation to get this moving and achieve the desired goal. Financial matters getting into wrong hands is another risk.

But with a motivated and driven group of youngsters inspired by Sadanam K Kumaran, Stephen Covey, Mahatma Gandhiji, MIT’s U-LAB, we are confident of addressing these challenges and thrive. Together, we will weave a greener and happier world.

Things we’ve done so far:

Planting trees with Kallor Balan:

On 20th of May 2017, the members of Green Weaved teamed up with Kallor Balan, a man who has been planting saplings for more than 15 years. On that day we’ve planted more than 100 Saplings in and around Pathiripala, with the help of many young volunteers.

Planting Saplings With Kallor Balan :

Flash Mob:

On 21st of July 2017, we’ve organized a flash mob at Pathiripala, Palakkad, for raising awareness of the Green Initiative project and promoting the upcoming Cross Country Marathon Event which was to be held on 30th of July 2017. To watch the video click here.