Why in a Village?

The ideal starting point to “Script the Future” is the grassroots – the villages.

Starting with small, early, working solution-models in the village; Followed by, improving the solution-models, Continuously, Iteratively, Incrementally, Spiralling to bigger scale and complexity – the odds of building sustainable, inclusive solutions are loaded in our favor.

if villages thriving with more and more such solutions are evolved, such villages would organically Script the Future: Assimilating the best from both worlds- technology and traditions – the technological advancements tempered with traditional best practices.


A home away from home- that is what LXI is or what LXI strives to be – for all stakeholders: developers, managers, leads, executives, investors, customers. The Circle has grown bigger and bigger to include more people to feel at home as our understanding got deeper. Now we have reached a point where we include the society and environment around us too – into the LXI’s circle of influence.

Together, Let us Script the Future

Me v/s WE

We believe that: not only the code we write but also the code which operates-on-the-person-who-writes-the-code can also be programmed.

if each one of the 30+ trillion cells inside a human body can work without any selfishness in unison, those cells can collaborate with other such groups of 30+ billion cells inside you, him, her and others, if one does not constrain them with one’s own Ego – the boundary, a short-sighted, unenlightened human draws around the circumference where his/her skin ends.

if reflected on, reviewed and improved – Continuously, Iteratively, Incrementally, the transformation from “ME” to “WE” is a natural outcome of this process. The more “WE” people than “ME’ people are evolved, scripting the Future is organic. A future which is bright, colorful, inclusive and enjoyable for all – living and non-living.