Why LXI is here?

Businesses were thought to be transactional. Our Journey taught us otherwise – Our beginning as a sole-proprietorship organization in Switzerland, later transforming to a partnership firm, then to a private limited company and now to a social entrepreneurship – the journey taught and enlightened us that – Businesses should be “TRANSFORMATIONAL”.

[ During the transaction of buying and selling, in order to be transformational, instead of merely focusing on the “result” of buying and selling, focus should be on each “act” of the transaction to positively transform the process and people involved for better – for long term results ]

We strongly believe that we can transform the world to be a better place. We strongly believe “Together, We can Script the Future”

How to realize our Vision?

Me v/s WE

We believe that: not only the code we write but also the code which operates-on-the-person-who-writes-the-code can also be programmed.

if each one of the 30+ trillion cells inside a human body can work without any selfishness in unison, those cells can collaborate with other such groups of 30+ billion cells inside you, him, her and others, if one does not constrain them with one’s own Ego – the boundary, a short-sighted, unenlightened human draws around the circumference where his/her skin ends.

if reflected on, reviewed and improved – Continuously, Iteratively, Incrementally, the transformation from “ME” to “WE” is a natural outcome of this process. The more “WE” people than “ME’ people are evolved, scripting the Future is organic. A future which is bright, colorful, inclusive and enjoyable for all – living and non-living.

What will help us realize our Vision?

  • Open Source Solutions

  • Social Entrepreneurs

  • Social Entrepreneurial Start-ups