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Education Tourism - Paid Internship - Advanced Java, J2EE, Spring, JSF, Struts, Portal, Cloud, Mobile Software Development Internship 




Fees          :      9000 USD  ( Including food and hostel accommodation ) 
Duration     :      Six Months / One Year
Eligibility    :      A passion for LEARNING and for PROGRAMMING. 
                        Basic Communicative English. 
                        Basic Mathematical / Logical / Reasoning skills 

Admission is subject to clearing an Aptitude test / Personal Interview 


 Now, We are offering a program for Amateurs from US, Europe, and the Middle East:  

"One Year On-the-Job-Experience in Software Development"

The first six months of the program will be conducted at "Gandhi Seva Sadan", an idyllic village in Kerala, India, at LXI Technologies; and for the next six months, there is a choice of either continuing in Kerala or to work remotely, online, from the respective native countries. 

We are Starting this program from Feb 2016 and we are inviting Amateur software developers who would like to get: 

  1. Trained on-the-Job in Java / J2EE Software Development
  2.  Get internationally certified on Java ( OCJP Certification ) 
  3. Gain one-year experience ( 6 months in India + 6 months in India / Abroad through remote online work  ) 
  4. English Communication and Personality Development 
  5. Spend your weekends / Leisure time: learning / experiencing/ for your all round development 

5.1. Yoga 

5.2. Kalari / Karate ( Martial Arts ) etc. 

5.3. Community work ( Farming, Educating local villagers/students ) etc. 

5.4. Dances ( Kathakali / Bharatanatyam / Kuchipudi / Mohiniyattom ) etc. 

5.5. Music ( Carnatic classical ) etc. 

4.6. Instruments ( Western / Eastern - Drums, Mridamgam, Violin, Guitar, Piano, Chenda ) etc. 

4.7 Sight-seeing/ Trekking / Cycling etc. 


We are excited to have you in our Software Development Internship Program. You are following hundreds of engineers who took this first step, to advance from a "basic classroom programmer" to a "self-confident professional software developer".


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