We want to increase the life chances of millions of people. Specifically, “The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid,” using the power of technology. We wish to forge associations with people like you. Powered by you and by leveraging synergies, creativity, competitiveness, grace, and entrepreneurship, together, let us Script the Future.


Our mission is to “Script the future,” right here, in our villages.

Mahatma Gandhi in an article in Harijan (1946) said, “The cities are not only draining the villages of their wealth but talent also.” We wish to reverse this talent drain from our villages.

We believe that in our villages we can strike the right developmental balance of healthy lifestyles, strong families, and clean, sustainable, and advanced modern technologies.

We will start with small, early, working solution models and improve them continuously and iteratively. These enhancements will adapt them to work on larger scales and more complex problems.

In this process of building sustainable, and inclusive solutions, our villages would organically script their future by assimilating the best from two worlds- technology and traditions- tempering technological advancements with traditional best practices.


LXI evolved from a sole-proprietorship organization in Switzerland to a social-entrepreneurship in a village through a long journey. In our journey, we also experimented being a partnership firm and a private limited company. Our journey enlightened us to be transformational (our actions positively transforming the process as well as people involved for the better, and long-term results) rather than just transactional (merely focusing on the result of buying and selling and short-term results). We strongly believe that “Together, We can Script the Future”, transforming our world into a better place.


Trillions of cells within a human body work in unison towards a larger purpose; so can people within one village or community and those living in different villages or communities or cultures. Just as we write a computer code for others to run a program, we can “write” codes for the programs that run us, reprogramming ourselves for a larger purpose. LXI’s philosophy is to continuously, and iteratively facilitate a transformation from “Me” to “We” as a natural process of our human tendency to cooperate and coordinate to achieve bigger things. Thus, we will “Script Our Future Together” by creating more “We people” than “Me people” through our interactions. Together, we will create a bright, colorful, inclusive, sustainable and enjoyable future for everyone and everything.




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