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Retail_Shops_-_Supermarket_-__Software_-_Point_of_Sale_-_POS_-_Cash_Register Java J2EE Spring Hibernate JSF Struts Portal Cloud Mobile Development Experts and Java Software Internships at Palakkad Kerala India


Websphere, Liferay and JBOSS.
Your offshore development partner, complemented by an Oracle certified Java development Team

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Smartphone waiter for your restaurant
Smartphone based software for your restaurant is not expensive anymore.

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Hiring Interns

We  are hiring interns to work on various Java / Android projects
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Complete hospital Solution

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Affordable Supermarket Solution

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Cashcow POS
Mobile Phone based Cash Register for your Shop

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About Us




We want to increase the life chances of millions of people: "The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid", using the sinews of technology. These are people who are either running micro businesses or those below the poverty line.  

The tireless locomotion which will drive us to this triumph is powered by people like you – with virtuousness tattooed in their body. Our association should hard-wire energies, creativity, competitiveness, grace and entrepreneurship of untold proportions.

Together, Let us Script our Future - CODE DECODE.

We are a group of Oracle Java Certified Software Developers, hailing from a tier 4 village: "Gandhi Seva Sadan" in Kerala, India.  


Products and Services




Technology Expertise
  • Java / J2EE
  • Struts, JSF, Primefaces, Spring, Hibernate
  • Cloud-based application development
  • Portal Development: Websphere, JBOSS, Liferay
  • Mobile Application Development
  • LAMP/WAMP - PHP, MySQL, Wordpress, Joomla etc
  • Ajax, Jquery, Angular, Cocos, 
  • SOA & SaaS




Why in a Village?




The ideal starting point to "Script the Future" is the grassroots - the villages. 

Starting with small, early, working models in the village; Followed by: Continuously, Iteratively, Incrementally, Spiralling to bigger scale and complexity - the odds are loaded in our favour. 

Not only the code we write but also the code which operates-on-the-person who writes is reflected on, reviewed and improved - Continuously, Iteratively, Incrementally. The transformation from "ME" to "WE" is a natural outcome of this process. Then, Villages thriving with more "WE" people than "ME' people are evolved. Such villages would organically Script the Future: Assimilating the best from both worlds- technology and traditions - the technological advancements tempered with traditional best practices.










Portal Development Experts


Successful Enterprise Integration Deployments on Websphere, JBOSS and Liferay: Integrating Documentum, Lotus Notes and Alfresco

Offshore Development (Switzerland)


Successful Offshore development for a Swiss-based Medical Research Company -, using cloud-based development, integration, staging, testing and production.


I had a look at your demo site and must say that it looks interesting. I agree that OpenClinic GA could benefit from a technology facelift possibly opening the code base to a larger number of potential open source contributors. Therefore I applaud your initiative.—Dr. Frank Verbeke, Founder, Open Clinic GA, Belgium.


Crime and Criminal Tracking Network Systems in Association with TCS, CMC and Kerala Police Department


Collaborated with TCS, CMC Ltd and Kerala Police Department offering support for the rollout of Crime and Criminal Tracking Network Systems.

Advanced Java Boot CAMP, Workshops and Seminars at Various Engineering Colleges 

Offered Advanced Java Boot Camp, Workshops and Seminars at Various Engineering Colleges: NCERC Engineering College, Jyothi Engineering College, MEA Engineering College, DSK Engineering College, IHRD, AJK College etc.




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