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BYTA TECH | DIVISO SOFTTECH | FELIXSO INFOTECH: Pioneering Social Entrepreneurship

BYTA TECH | DIVISO SOFTTECH | FELIXSO INFOTECH: emerged from the collective vision of a group of college mates, colleagues, and friends who share an unwavering belief in forging their own path and scripting their own destiny. During their internship at LXI Technologies Pvt. Ltd., they discovered their deep passion for technology and an innate drive to shape the future. After rigorous brainstorming sessions, their passion and drive coalesced into the birth of BYTA TECH / DIVISO SOFTTECH.

In August 2016, the co-founders discovered their true calling. They embarked on a journey to develop an idea that could revolutionize the lives of those at the bottom of the pyramid. Their mission was to create a digital healthcare platform, accessible for free to the underprivileged, while offering a premium version for those who could afford it. They envisioned a platform that could scale from a single-doctor clinic to a multi-specialty hospital, and an ERP system that could grow from small corner shops to multi-location, multi-storied supermarkets.

To overcome the technical challenges in building their product, the team dedicated themselves to acquiring expertise. Each team member pursued international certifications as Java professionals. They meticulously worked on finalizing an architectural prototype and successfully achieved their goal. Market research revealed a significant demand for their service – a promising sign for their business venture.

Over the past years, a dedicated team of 12 co-founders worked diligently and intelligently. However, only five of them possessed the grit and resilience needed to weather financial hardships, continuously improve themselves and their organization, navigate the challenging roller coaster of entrepreneurship, prevent burnout, build a supportive network, and maintain unwavering focus. Building a product with a global reach is no small feat, but their efforts throughout the past years have fortified their belief that with hard work and strategic thinking, success is within their grasp.

The solution they are developing harnesses the power of mobile and IoT platforms, cloud computing, container-based applications, service-oriented architecture, microservices, and artificial intelligence. This innovative approach has the potential to disrupt the market and propel them towards becoming a globally recognized brand.


AYOOS (BYTA TECH) | GRAESHOPPE (DIVISO SOFTTECH) | ONEEMO (FELIXSO INFOTECH) aim to enhance the opportunities and success of millions of individuals running businesses of all scales by leveraging the power of technology. Their products embraces the era of app platforms rather than monolithic products. The platform provides an ecosystem for developing and delivering pluggable microservices-based offerings. Through an internally developed open platform architecture, an extended developer community can seamlessly collaborate and continuously evolve the services offered, reducing development cycles and fostering innovation.