Unlock Your Path to Success: Transform from Jobless to a Professional Full Stack Software Developer thru Internship.

Experience a streamlined path to success by eliminating the endless search for YouTube videos, websites, and costly courses. If you're aspiring to become a skilled full-stack Java/Flutter developer through a targeted internship, your search ends here. Join our exceptional program that not only provides international certification but also offers a unique village setup. Our approach sets us apart, providing a friendly, peaceful, and cost-effective work experience of the highest standards.

Discover the advantages of our program:

🌟 Targeted Internship: Specialize in full-stack Java/Flutter development.

🌟 International Certification: Validate your skills with a globally recognized certification.

🌟 Tranquil Village Setup: Experience a serene and inspiring work environment.

🌟 Cost-Effective: Save time, money, and energy compared to traditional approaches.

🌟 Convenient Location: Located at Gandhi Seva Sadanam, Pathiri pala, Palakkad.

Connect with us today to seize this opportunity:

📞 Whatsapp: 8157889727

📧 Email: interns@lxisoft.com

🌐 Website: www.lxisoft.com

💼 LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/lxisoft

💻 YouTube: www.youtube.com/lxisoft

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Senior #lxians now working with various MNCs after completing their internships

To fill numerous Fresher / Junior Software Developer positions arising out of two IT startups we have co-founded, we are hiring passionate developers. We would like to invite you for a walk-in interview at our office. Please bring your updated CV, Certificates and other Credentials for verification.

Looking forward to your job application. Please forward your resume to  interns@lxisoft.com

Interview Date and Venue

Contact us @ interns@lxisoft.com

LXI Technologies Pvt LTD, Gandhi Seva Sadan (Old Sadanam Campus),

P O Gandhi Seva Sadan, Pathiripala, Palakkad Dist. 679302.

Hiring Process

Candidate should clear,

About LXI

We strongly believe in continuous improvement. This is our transformative journey: Founded in 2006, in Switzerland, privately; Our evolution into a Social Entrepreneurship; Transformation from spiders to starfishes; Transformation from employees to entrepreneurs.  In 2006, along with a team of freelancers, operating from a room in a flat, we provided Information Technology Solutions to businesses in Switzerland and focused on delivering customer value through high-quality practices and cost-efficient solutions. In 2007, we began our operations in India with a development centre in Bangalore: L X I Technologies Private Limited. In addition to catering to the Domestic market, it doubled as our offshore development centre. Our distributed development infrastructure closely integrated the geographically dispersed teams.  In 2009, we moved our development location from Bangalore to Palakkad in Kerala. We tied up with CMC Academy – A TATA Enterprise and a subsidiary of TCS Ltd., together with other partners, to offer software development internships to fresh graduates. Along with fixing the shortfall of Java Development Engineers internally, the service doubled as a stepping stone to a software development career at various MNCs for fresh graduates. In 2013, successfully launched three products developed by the “INTERNS” in the local market.  

LXI Startup’s Inauguration

Startup ecosystem should flourish in villages too. With that goal in mind, we have been working with young engineers to develop their “Social Entrepreneurial” mindset. Moulding them to work on services and products which are focused on the upliftment of villages. This would bring more opportunities to villages and stop the flocking of graduates to metros.

 As a humble beginning, on the 30th Dec 2016, in the honourable presence of dignitaries like Sub-Collector Mr P B Nooh, Former Minister V C Kabeer, Director (Ameya) C A Arun Aravind we launched two Social Entrepreneurial ventures.

 For more details, please visit:


We mentored 16 young software developers #LXIANS through our INTERNSHIP program. We got them internationally certified as Oracle Certified Java Professionals, who went on to become Co-founders / Directors in these Social Ventures. It is a proud moment to know that they are leveraging bleeding-edge technologies like ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, MACHINE LEARNING, BIGDATA, IOT, DOCKER, KUBERNETES, SAAS / PAAS / IAAS, ANGULAR 2, SPRING, MongoDB, NEO4J, HIBERNATE to develop their product lines.

 Please listen to what they have to say and please share their message and support their Social Initiative:

Please find some of their reviews here:

Together, Let us Script the Future.



From Pathiripala Town, Take Sadanam Road and Travel 2 Km approx towards Bharatapuzha, You will see our board (LXI Technologies) on the right side
The Exact location is Gandhi Seva Sadan ( TTI CAMPUS / OLD SADANAM )